Welcome to the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden

    This is the official website for the 

        Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden, Inc.,

a nonprofit corporation in South Carolina.  

The mission is to continue, support and preserve the artistic and horticultural legacy of Pearl Fryar, to encourage public appreciation of the garden, and to provide opportunities for artistic and educational enrichment and enjoyment.

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden, Inc. is a 501(c)(3).  All donations are fully tax-deductible. For more information, see below.

Scheduled tours are available for 2024

The garden is open and free to all

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photo by Seth Johnson

Garden History

Pearl Fryar cleared a cornfield on his home property in Bishopville, SC in the early 1980's.  Without any horticultural experience, he created a three-acre topiary garden that is stunningly beautiful, whimsical, educational, and deeply inspiring.  Many of the plants in the garden were rescued from nursery compost piles.  Pearl transformed discarded trees and shrubs into an arresting landscape of living plant sculptures.

The 2006 documentary film, A Man Named Pearl, premiered in New York City and was shown on national television.  It still remains a favorite at garden festivals.

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Pearl's driving focus has always been positive thinking, hard work, and perseverance.  He has continually directed his extraordinary energy to uplift others.

Visitors to the garden behold over 400 expertly trimmed plants.  This is his gift to the world.  

photo by Seth Johnson

2023 -2024 updates

As Pearl’s healing process accelerates, he is more present in the garden, usually driving around in his Gator. He says he is overwhelmed with the outpouring of support he is receiving.

The energetic garden management by the nonprofit continues. New plantings and upkeep, structural and electrical repairs, and a cedar footbridge are welcome improvements. The startup of a Children’s Garden space behind the Garden with a Message is underway.

The Ruth Foundation for the Arts has continued to award generous funding grants.

The University of South Carolina has given funds collected on behalf of the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden in the celebratory spirit of his extraordinary handiwork.

Additional funds from private donors far and wide ensure essential maintenance and preservation for the garden.ll

Walking through the garden

Entering the hand-built concrete driveway, the hedgerows frame the Main Garden.   Calling himself "a man who cuts up bushes", Pearl shaped all of the shrubs around his house.

The driveway island includes shrubs cut into the letters L-O-V-E.

Pearl created sculptures and fountains from scrap metal, fashioning his "junk art."  Prominent words are featured:  "Hate Hurts", "Peace", and "Love."

The fishbone tree is Pearl's signature tree shown in his logo, a seven-year project featuring a Leyland cypress.

The square tree, bird house tree, and mushroom-shaped trees are all live oaks.

photo by Dustin Shores

The sailing ships are enormous Hollywood junipers along the south hedgerow.

photo by Dustin Shores

Pearl's Garden with a Message is emblazoned with 8-foot high letters carved into the ground:  LOVE  PEACE  &  GOODWILL.

photo by Dustin Shores

May Pearl's message carry you into the New Year and beyond!

"I wanted to create a feeling so that you experience something different when you come to my garden.  

Every individual can make a difference."  - PEARL FRYAR

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden, Inc. is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3).  

All donations are fully tax-deductible.